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How to Find the Best Wireless Hand Helds

Wed, Jul 14th, 2010

When you're looking wireless phone you need to qualify your needs up front so you don't end up buying something that doesn't meet your needs or get sold something that is much more than you thought you'd need.

Some questions to ask yourself:

1. What am I primarily going to be using it for?
2. Is coverage important? Some carriers have better coverage than others depending on where you live and work.
3. Do I need to be connected via email and the web?

When you have answers to all these questions I suggest this course of action:

1. Look on the web at sites like www.bestbuy.com and www.letstalk.com and get an idea of what you like and do some comparison. This will also give you an idea how much you'll pay for the phone and the service. For most smartphones (phones with voice and data that are usually used as an email device. Examples: iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC EVO) you're going to pay $50-$100 a month for a full service plan that covers voice and data.
2. Decide what's important: The device or the network. If it's the network check the coverage maps out by searching in Google for the carrier and the map. For example, verizon coverage map .
3. Go to Best Buy or the carrier store and try the phone out. Make some calls, dial 411, try the internet service out with some of your favorite sites like ESPN or CNN.
4. Buy the handset.

Know that in most cases you have 15-30 days to return the phone if you're not happy with it at no charge. Ask about this before you sign the agreement. A standard agreement with a carrier is two-years and some carriers will allow you to upgrade your phone after 12-18 months.

Good luck!