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The Importance of Effective Swag

Tue, Jul 13th, 2010

According to a recent study released by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional items rank more effective on cost comparison than traditional TV, print or radio ads.

The study found that while catchy TV commercials and stand-out print ads catch the attention of many, branded merchandise generated the least cost per impression at an average of $0.0004, compared to $0.033 for national magazine ads or $0.019 for a prime time television spot. Keeping costs low and positive impressions high, promotional swag, a $19 billion dollar industry per the ASI, is leaving its mark on the advertising world. The study finds that 84 percent of consumers remembered an advertiser based on a product they received.

The ASI research also found that 42 percent of participants in the study had a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving the promotional product and over 60 percent have done business with an advertiser based on a product they were given. In terms of the longevity of the brand's message, the ASI reports that 81 percent of promotional products were kept because they were considered useful. Ranking at the top of these products were apparel pieces and bags.