The Founder

Arnie Becker is the Founder and CEO of The Men's Club. 

Arnie's vision was born as a result of a few challenging experiences. He found it was difficult to meet people outside of his industry. Since the majority of his time was dedicated to his job and work functions, he didn't get the opportunity to meet people in other professions. So, Arnie began attending various networking events, but he found participants to be out for themselves. These strangers didn't want to get to know him but simply wanted to know what Arnie could do for them. They were only interested in how they could increase their business and were not concerned about how they could also help Arnie or others at the event. Most were not connectors which is a key characteristic of a good networker.

Realizing the importance of networking and the camaraderie that emerges within an organized group, Arnie set forth to create his own networking organization - The Men's Club. The rise of social networking has made connecting with others never easier, but Arnie desired something more tangible than just connecting through keystrokes. Social networking sites don't provide interaction on a grass-roots and personal level. Many social networking organizations lack organization and purpose. Beyond their attempts to connect their members, they don't make the extra effort to assist the community through charitable endeavors. The Men's Club fills these voids. 

Today, Arnie, his advisory board and TMC members across the United States are building The Men's Club to be a close-knit organization. It is bound together by its members' common goals of helping each other and the community while believing in the Pay it Forward philosophy. Together, we will all be more successful.

Arnie invites you to join The Men's Club.