88 Wayz

88 Wayz Youth Organization was founded in April 2008 on the direction of Desmond Clark, NFL, Chicago Bears. Mr. Clark's desire of seeing young people receive opportunities they would otherwise not be afforded, led him to pursue a not for profit organization. In doing so, 88 Wayz Youth Organization will provide an array of services to youth in becoming productive youth within their respective communities.

Although there are many mentoring organizations, 88 Wayz Youth Organization will provide exceptional mentoring that enhances the mentees, the schools and the community as a whole.

Our focus is in becoming the most sought after mentoring program by allowing our target population to think for themselves and reach success through positive confirmations.

Bridging the Gaps

By bridging the gaps between social, economic and spiritual neediness, 88 Wayz Youth Organization will be addressing the importance of avoiding street violence amongst our youth. This program allows today's youth to work directly with successful leadership from within their community. Our youth will get the opportunity to address suspension, detention, negative influences, drugs, gangs and fatherless homes by building important and lifelong relationships with their mentors.

A Passion for "Helping"

"I have a passion for helping people, especially kids. I play football for a living but I don't define myself by what I do for a living but how much good I can do for my fellow man. Sometimes it costs us nothing to help someone, so why not.

"Things are not for getting, they are for giving."